Using the internet

My last post, I wrote about using social networks to find work, like Twitter. One of the people I follow, twitted about Chris Sotomayor doing twits about coloring comics, something I am trying to get more work in. So I followed him, and he had some great things to say.

And then as a treat to his new followers, decided to do a live broadcast of him coloring a page for a comic. So about 10 of us logged in and got to watch and listen to him explain his process, and why he was doing what he was doing, in terms of color, lighting, and reader focus.

We got to ask questions and talk it was a great spur of the moment thing.

I’ve heard some artists say they avoid twitter and facebook. And I understand why, it’s way to easy to get sucked in and find you spent 5 hours bouncing around these social networks, chatting and such. I sometimes do it myself. The trick is to limit it. Discipline in how often you check them. I tend to try and make checking them a reward for doing X amount of work.

So, when used right, they can lead to some great things.

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