Recent Work

The last 4 months, I’ve been working a temp job that is on site. Nothing thrilling, just page production for a consulting firm. Laying out and revising Annual Benefit Enrollment Packages for Employee and Retirees. It’s as thrilling as it sounds.

It’s my fourth year going back and doing the project, as the enrollment packages have to be updated each year. The pay is very good, so it’s a way to make steady income, and even extra to save.

I’m able to keep illustrating during this time. Besides my weekly illustrations for NeXT magazine, I ended up with some rather big assignments. One involved doing portraits for the interior and cover of InsideCounsel. That makes it my second cover for them. It’s the September issue, so when it’s out I can post those.

The other project I worked on was for 52 Shades of Greed. A deck of playing cards about the people and practices that caused the economy to crash. It was illustrated by 28 different artists from around the world. I was happy to contribute three cards to the deck. The project is up on Rockethub for crowd-sourcing to fund it. It meet it’s goal in two days. So now there are plans to do a second deck, illustrating what we can do to make the economy better.

Here’s the site about the project.

And here’s the crowdsourcing site.

And here are the three cards I did.


The project was put together by Marc Scheff and Daniel Nyari.

Now that I’m back to freelancing full time again, I’ll also have time to just draw for myself, something I haven’t had much free time for during this job. Most weeks I was putting in 43-47 Monday-Friday, and then going home and working on illustrations.

Being able to freely draw is how I find myself making advances in my art work. It’s what I’ve missed most the past 4 months.

Also, here were two big projects I mentioned in my last post, many months ago. A cover for InsideCounsel, and a revisioning of a movie poster of Friday the 13th, for the New York Times. They wanted several different artists to do their take on it. So I choose to do it as if it had been animated.

InsideCounsel–June 2012 cover


Friday the 13th–New York Times

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