I’ve Moved

As you can see my portfolio not only got a new look; I changed from Glitchworks to Tim Paul Illustrations. My site has changed a few times in the last 3 years. It’s always good to give your site a fresh look from time to time. Styles come and go in terms of online portfolios.

But the change from Glitchworks to Tim Paul Illustrations had more to do with branding myself. A conversation with an art rep started me thinking about changing my site. His suggestion was that I organize the images on my site into categories. As it was, everything was mixed together, and it was a bit overwhelming what I actually offered. That I needed to focus my branding, so people got a clear idea of what I offered.

I thought, if I do that, maybe it’s a good time to make some other changes.

When I first got Glitchworks, I was writing and drawing a comic called Glitch. I decided to hang my art work on that name. Back then, my art work was much different, and the name seemed like a good match, and gave a clear idea of what kind of art you might expect.

But I’ve matured and so has my art, and what I currently do, doesn’t seem to match up with the whole glitch mentality.

When it comes down to it, the brand I’m selling is me. So dump the Glitchworks, and go with my name. Tim Paul is much more connected to the subject matter and illustrations style.



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