form, function and fabulous

I think one of the hardest things a freelancer has to do is figure out how to represent themselves. I used to have issues with that all the time. Because I didn’t want a job to pass me by because they looked and said, not quite what I want.

I also use think everything about me had to say WOW! Look at my bell and whistles. I hear this from other artists, on why they don’t have a website yet, or business cards, or more. Have to find the right image, the right design, the right WOW factor.

Well I’ve come to realize, functional serves more then WOW. Functional reaches more people then WOW. Also, functional is easier to get to then WOW. Wow will happen in time.

The first step is getting to a functional point where if you run into someone, you can give them a business card. So instead of making a WOW business card, make a functional one. No one is going to take your WOW business card and frame it, unless each one is an original work of art. (There is your WOW, factor now how long is that going to take you?)

You don’t need a website like Actor Jim Carrey. His site fits who he is as an actor. He also has the money for it (course if this is the kind of thing you do for a living, that’s different).

I wouldn’t say my site is WOW. It’s functional for what it needs to be, an extension of me, a tool to help sell me as an artists. To often, trying to be a freelancer in the past, I got caught up in trying to be WOW. Frustrated, I never really got my act together. You read in books about being a freelancer, getting noticed, and all that. More of the WOW.

But in many ways, WOW can come from just being functional and professional. It can come from being what it needs to be. After all, I want people to hire me to illustrate. Not design business cards, postcards or websites. So my WOW, as it should be is the art on my cards and site.

By taking a step back, and realizing that I just wanted to get my name out there and get work, made it easier. Pick the images, get the materials, and go.

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