Draw everyday

Some times, trying to draw every day, is hard because you think, what to draw. I could certainly draw my husband every night, as he watches tv or reads, or catches up with people on Bookface.

But one thing I seldom do, is find photo references and work from that. See, for some reason, it’s taken me a long time to work that into my workflow process. And it’s a concept I fully understand. it’s not so much about copying, but having a reference source for what you are drawing. Lets say you need to draw an old wrinkly women. You can sit there, trying to visualize what wrinkles on a face look like, or just go find some examples and ta da! Thank you google images.

So, I also play Dungeons and Dragons, and I thought, it would be fun to draw some of the people in the city where the players are currently living as a visual aid for the players. I had ideas on what they looked like in my head, and started sketching things down. And of course, when I wasn’t quite getting what I saw, or having to make a lot of changes, I thought, what a great time to go to the intrawebz, and find some reference material!

In one case, I liked the top half of the face for the drunk I wanted to draw, but I didn’t see him having a full beard. I found another face I liked the mouth and jaw, so quickly photoshopped them together, and I had a good reference for my drunk.

Here are the sketches.







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