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Yesterday was Wednesday, which means more figure drawing! Next week might be our last time in the space we use for December, as the owner will be traveling during that time. So we are already looking for a new space. Last night we had the largest group so far, 12-13 people. So it would be great to try and keep this going, since we are building a very nice group of people.

My friend Marc, encouraged me to try sketching a different way, to break out of my mold and habits, and push myself. Namely, to not be so scribbly with my lines, but to draw the shape in one line. First, you get more drawing in, since you aren’t spending all this time on line.

It’s something I’m working towards, not belaboring the work. I’m not looking for perfection mind you. But I do want to be able to draw what I want, and not overwork it. To that effect, I’m going to apply some advice I tell people who ask me, how do you draw? You practice. Just like you learned to write letters and numbers, drawing is similar. You must practice. You must train your hand to do what you want it to. That’s the simplisty of it, I think. Yes there are a lot of other factors, but I honestly think that is the basic concept.

So here are two sketches from last night, and the long 40 minute pose.


10 minute sketches.

40 minuge pose

40 minuge pose

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