Kool Aid Gets Fired

Kool Aid Gets Fired follows the misadventures of the Kool Aid Man, after he is fired from his job of 55 years, promoting the kool-aid soft drink. However, years of leading a sheltered life as a corporate spokesperson has left our hero without skills to make it in the bigger world. Underneath the humor, Kool Aid Gets Fired pokes at large corporations that only look at doing business, not people, and how companies often have more rights than people do.

How to Order Kool Aid Gets Fired

You can order KAGF directly from me. Simply send payment of $6.00, (for US residents, out of country extra postage as needed) which includes shipping costs to me via paypal or in the mail. I generally sign and draw a little picture of Kool Aid being vulgar or rude. If you have something specific you want, let me know, or if you want a pristine copy, not all doodled over.

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Here are some excerpts from Kool Aid Gets Fired.

Reviews of Kool Aid Gets Fired

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Nitsy and Bitsy

Nitsy and Bitsy appeared Gab magazine in Chicago. It featured two young gay boys with little self perceptions, caught up in the glitz and glamour of the gay night life. I know! Completely unrealistic!

Here are several of my favorite strips.


Glitch was the opposite of Nitsy and Bitsy. Two guys that didn’t care much for the mainstream gay culture. It’s the closest I’ve ever gotten to autobiographical without actually being that.

You can download PDFs of the books below.

Glitch Issue 1

Glitch Issue 2

Glitch Issue 3