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Draw every day (Friday)

With my new goal of drawing every day, here is one of the things I worked on yesterday. I didn’t actually draw, like I intended to, but there is a tie in to drawing.


I’m up to do the coloring for an 8 page comic for the next Nation X Anthology, and I had to submit samples. I got asked to submit more samples. I’ve done some coloring work, submitted all that, and some of my own stuff, but my own stuff isn’t the kind of stuff Marvel publishes. The art above is from a book I’m coloring that won’t be done for some time.

So over Thursday and Friday, I put together more samples, asking other cartoonist friends for line work that I could color. I think my second set of samples came out better then the first set I sent. And I noticed that attending the figure drawing group has definitely made a noticeable difference. The shading on this and the other pieces came out extremely well. Very happy with it!

Drawing is pretty much the basis of good painting, and cartooning. Sure you don’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to look real, you just need to be able to make your drawing convey what you want it to say.

Now I have lots of coloring samples, so I’m going to put up a coloring section on the comics page.

Drawing, it’s a daily thing

FD-024(Click to enlarge) This is an 80 minute drawing, from the drawing group I attend weekly. The pose was done over two weeks, 40 minutes each session. I’m very happy with the drawing. My figure drawing skills have improved over the course of attending this group.

Where I’ve seen improvement is getting the proportions closer to what they should be. Sketching faster, but more accurately. Planning out what I’m going to do, and trying not to get to bogged down in details, trying to get certain things right.

SketchbookThe longer drawings I’ve been doing in a single sketchbook only for the longer drawings, so I can monitor my progress over time. When working towards a goal, it’s important to have a way to measure your progress. (As a side note, the inside cover, I’m filling with a pen drawing of a crowd, just for fun)

I so recommend finding a drawing group (not just figure) if you want to improve your drawing skills. It’s similar to how you learn to make letters. Or at least I did. Each day, we would practice our handwriting. And eventually our letters looked like what they should.

I’m setting a goal of at least an hour of drawing each day. Which right now, in between temp jobs, will be possible. Because rather then just have once a week where I know I will be drawing, I have the time to draw every single day.

I will be posting those here.

Figure Drawing

I go to a figure drawing group which is held once a week. It’s a good drawing exercise, and it’s also a good time to interact with other artists. The space we meet in is huge and very nice, so it gives us plenty of room to have the model do a lot of dramatic poses.

People work in all sorts of medium, paint, pencil, charcoal, iPhone, digital and I think last time, someone did some really great drawings using Sharpies.


The space, taken with my iPhone, using the Pano app.

Here are some of the drawings I did from the last session. If you are an artist in the New York area, this group is located in Brooklyn, and is a great group.